Best Secret Features of Android Phones

Best Secret Features of Android PhonesIt is pretty common nowadays for people to use smart phones, especially Android phones. Even so, most people only use the features of the phone on bare minimum. This article will give information about some hidden features of Android phones you have yet to find out.

Several hidden features of Android that you probably do not know are listed below:
• Tweaking your status bar: the thin strip on the top part of the screen that display battery life, signal strength, and notifications is called status bar. Using System UI Turner feature, you can choose which icons that appear at the status bar. However, this feature is only available on latest Android versions, which means older phones or out of date Android versions may not have this feature.
• Disabling home lock screen: using Smart Lock feature from google, you can keep your phone safe while still accessing your apps. Go to Settings, choose Security. Next, choose Smart Lock. You can disable your lock screen whenever you are at home. Disabling the screen whenever the Bluetooth connects to a device can also be done using this Smart Lock feature.
• Screen pining: if your friends or family members want to borrow your device but you do not want them to make any mess or access your personal information, you can use this feature. By pinning an bola88 application to your screen, the phone will run only the pinned app until you enters the code of lock screen. So basically, the borrower cannot access your phone thoroughly unless they have the code for your lock screen.

Other than those hidden features mentioned above, Android still stores a lot of useful feature that many people do not know. However, these features’ availability depend on the version of your Android. Thus, updating your Android may be needed to enjoy these features.