Best Secret Features of Android Phones

Best Secret Features of Android PhonesIt is pretty common nowadays for people to use smart phones, especially Android phones. Even so, most people only use the features of the phone on bare minimum. This article will give information about some hidden features of Android phones you have yet to find out.

Several hidden features of Android that you probably do not know are listed below:
• Tweaking your status bar: the thin strip on the top part of the screen that display battery life, signal strength, and notifications is called status bar. Using System UI Turner feature, you can choose which icons that appear at the status bar. However, this feature is only available on latest Android versions, which means older phones or out of date Android versions may not have this feature.
• Disabling home lock screen: using Smart Lock feature from google, you can keep your phone safe while still accessing your apps. Go to Settings, choose Security. Next, choose Smart Lock. You can disable your lock screen whenever you are at home. Disabling the screen whenever the Bluetooth connects to a device can also be done using this Smart Lock feature.
• Screen pining: if your friends or family members want to borrow your device but you do not want them to make any mess or access your personal information, you can use this feature. By pinning an bola88 application to your screen, the phone will run only the pinned app until you enters the code of lock screen. So basically, the borrower cannot access your phone thoroughly unless they have the code for your lock screen.

Other than those hidden features mentioned above, Android still stores a lot of useful feature that many people do not know. However, these features’ availability depend on the version of your Android. Thus, updating your Android may be needed to enjoy these features.

Amazon Echo

The Best Smart Speakers of 2018: Amazon Echo

Do you look for an innovative platform that can help you a lot to make your daily life easier? If you do, you are just like bettor if the BRAND and it will be a great idea for you to get the best smart speaker such as Amazon Echo in your home or workplace. This particular device will definitely be a very nice partner that can offer you so many functions at once which can be like setting the time, playing music, and even teaching your kids how to do the homework. Then, the best of this is that all of those functions will be done by the device by your spoken commands only. Besides, this reliable smart speaker can give you so many remarkable things that will excite so well. So, in case you are really so curious about them, it is better for you to keep reading below.
There are actually so many options of the best smart speakers in 2018 that you can choose to fit your requirements and expectations awesomely, which one of them is the Amazon Echo. This high technology smart speaker has been introduced to the people in 2016, and been getting better and more progressive devices in 2017. It can be seen from the more various types of the speaker which can suit any spots in your home or office, even one of them is complemented with an intuitive screen as well. Aside of that, there is also the Alexa Voice Assistance that can respond to your spoken instructions nicely. So then, you just need to say things out in order to make it really work for you. Furthermore, this kind of smart speaker can assist you to organize your personal schedules, and also give you the opinions about your outfits as it has the CheckStyle feature. So, according to these several facts from Nontonfilm88, it is so obvious that this speaker can make your life become simpler and more fun for sure.
Additionally, this speaker, which will allow you to buy things from Amazon in the easier way, is available for you at different prices which can be from $50 to $230 depend of the type of the speaker that you choose. So, it will never require you to dive in to your pocket too deep in order to have it. Thus, it is so recommended for you to purchase this speaker as soon as possible so that you can get and enjoy its many conveniences with no doubts.

Charge Phone with Wi-Fi

Is It Possible to Charge Phone with Wi-Fi?

It appears like almost everything has gone Wi-Fi. However, by a few means, in connection to charging advanced contraptions, we in any case should address lines. Certain remote charging exists, however handiest for little gadgets like your phone. Also, and still, after all that, it’s never again helpful as you may trust. To no ifs and or buts quality a device, a telephone should protect touch with a charging cushion, this implies it is capable to not be utilized while charging. This is by all accounts even a greater bother than dealing with ropes and links.

That is currently also, be that as it may, that advances aren’t being made in this field. For example, scientists from Disney ponders basically demonstrated a pristine procedure of charging alluded to as QSCR that licenses power to be remotely transmitted sooner or later of a room, due to this you can without trouble go roughly the use of your gadgets while you expense your battery.

QSCR works much like how wifi hotspots offer net network remotely. To illustrate, the group built a sixteen×16-foot stay with aluminum dividers, roof, and a story with a blasted aluminum outline. The inside transformed into then stuffed with near subject status attractive waves. The final product turn into a room that changed into ready to power cell phones, enthusiasts, and lighting simultaneously without utilizing lines, links, or clumsy charging cushions.

Through instigating electric streams inside the metalized inside, they could create formally dressed attractive fields that at that point transmitted to getting loops which agree to the equivalent thunderous recurrence. Gadgets that work inside the indistinguishable megahertz recurrence should get quality anytime inside the room, in the meantime as attractive waves that don’t have the indistinguishable recurrence are unaffected.

Let’s know more! Explore reenactments demonstrate that this strategy can adequately transmit 1.9 kilowatts of energy, which could completely expense 320 cell phones. Because, remote charging is genuinely possible!

Researchers were running for a considerable length of time to make solid and reliable remote quality transmission. Be that as it may, the nearest we’ve come to finishing it nowadays, preceding this leap forward, progressed toward becoming by means of the use of charging cushions and supports, which don’t give a horrendous parcel remove. This new improvement is stage one toward essentially remote charging tech.

To make this period monetarily to be had, there gained not be a need to amass totally new, metal rooms. The scientists assume that as they refine the age, it will probably be conceivable diminish the coveted metal for insides. They additionally accept that individuals can be prepared to do truly include particular boards, utilize conductive paint, or send copper posts in current structures to get similar impacts. This dynamic procedure might be a mechanical amusement changer as it essentially makes electrical power as available as wifi, fitting new projects—from transportable hardware to apply autonomy.

“In this composition, we’ve affirmed room-scale Wi-Fi quality, however there’s no reason we couldn’t scale this the distance down to the size of a toy chest or as much as the extent of a distribution center,” said scientist Alanson P. when he’s asked about this matter.


TempeScope Box

TempeScope Box Smart Solution to Create Your Own Weather

TempeScope Box is a Japanese product that will allow you to recreate any weather from the weather forecast. It can recreate rain, sunshine, fog, or even lightning inside the clear box. This device can be used in any room in your house such as in the living room and even in your bedroom. The idea of making this magical box to recreate weather in the house is come from Ken Kawamoto as the inventor of this device. First, he made simple Tempescope using simple material.

The he turns to crowdfunding to create this magical device. The first prototype made by Ken was in 2012 and only made from a bottle shampoo. Ken made this wonderfully device because he think that he always want to have his own sunshine everyday. That’s why Ken created the first prototype of this Tempescope. Later in 2013, Ken then produced the open source version because his first prototype got attention from the public and time by time the products were developed and now everyone can use this weather box.

The device works depend on the weather forecast of the day. This device is connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone such as Android as well as iOs. It will fetch the weather and then recreate sunshine, rain, lightning and even fog. In the future version, the device may recreate snow so that you can have any weather in your house through the small clean box in your living. It can be used as sophisticated yet stunning decoration in your home that looks very attractive.

TempeScope Box is not only can recreate the weather in current place. You can also set the device in manual mode and even synchronize the weather in certain location on the earth. This device is smart and perfect decoration that uses sophisticated technology which can create your own weather in the house. The users can also create their DIY tempescope where there is simple manual that prepared and can be followed easily. Sometimes, creating DIY project will be very interesting and give special enjoyment. You can create your own tempescope and then you can make it as your attractive decoration in the house.

TempeScope Box Smart Solution

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The device will also come with software kit that will allow you to customize your own tempescope and make it works more attractively from the apps. This device is legal to use in Japan of course. It will also become legal to use in US, EU and also Canada as well as Australia because it has wireless certification. So, if you want to have attractive decoration into your house and owning your sunshine, lightning, rain, and fog or even later snow, you can get this weather box in your home. You can choose to create the DIY project of this device by following the manual and make your own work. This device will give you any weathers fetched from the weather forecast and feel the weather in this clean box. Get this TempeScope Box and have your own weather.