Smart Hapifork

Smart Hapifork can help you to have healthy way in your eat so that you can control how you eat. When you eat too fast, it will not good for your health and also your weigh. Why? Eating too fast will affect the digestion and also body weight. You will get poor digestion as well as poor control to your weight when you eat too fast.

When you using thing sophisticated gadget, you will be able to control your eating activities so that you can eating slowly for better health. This electric fork can control and monitor your eating habits. When you eat too fast, the fork will give you alert from its light and vibration so you can slower your eating activities for better. The fork is simple and suitable to use where it is light and save to use in daily eat.

The activity you bring the food to your mouth is called as fork serving. The use of this electric fork is to give measurement in the time of taking the food, the amount for the fork serving in minute, and the interval of the fork serving. The fork will give you information about those three things and track the progress of your activities in healthy eating habits. This Smart Hapifork comes with apps that will allow you to see the information and progress on your eating habit.

Eat in Healthy Way

So that you can easily monitor your eating activities. Why you need to use this electric and sophisticated fork for your eat? Here are some benefits you can get when using this sophisticated fork for eating. 1) warn you to eat in the right time 2) warn you the right pace when eating which is not too fast for better digestion and weight 3) give you eating habit that following the coach program 4) getting information about the healthy eating habits.

This smart electric fork has design and shape just like the other fork and can function as usual fork. It has length only 200 mm or 7.87 inch while it is only 65 gram in weight. It makes this fork become very comfortable to use for daily eat. This fork has electronic key that featured with micro USB connector and completed with +3.7 lithium polymer battery.

To give alert to the user, this smart fork is also equipped with 2 LED lights and also vibrating feedback so when you have eat too fast, the fork will give sign by vibration or LED lamp that lights to warn you. This fork made from plastic shell component that will be lightweight and comfortable to use. This fork is also equipped with processor where it uses ARM Cortex M0 processor.

This fork can be connected with app so you can easily monitor and see the result of your progress in having healthy eating habits. This Smart Hapifork can be best and smart solution for you who want to have healthy habit and also having healthy body with perfect weight and digestion.

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