Smart Lockitron, Remote Control Door Locker

Smart Lockitron is new innovation for you to keep your home become safe when you are going outside. This is a product for door locker when it can operate or control using remote. So you should not need to play with your key when you want to keep your home safe. This locker and unlocker can be operated using smartphone so it would be very easy and simple to protect your home. Only with simple step and touch, you can easily lock or unlock your door.

This smart door locker is made by Apigy and there are multiple models of this device that can be used as your smart door locker. The device can be controlled using smartphone while betting in and also can be reached using Bluetooth. This can be a simple and effective way in protecting the house with sophisticated device.

You can lock or unlock your door using this device. You can control the locker simply via smartphone through the apps or via website. In this modern era where everything can be done easily and simply, you can also lock and unlock simply through your smartphone. It is also possible to unlock the door using this device through Bluetooth when the device is only nearby. The other way to lock or unlock the door is also simple using SMS key.


So if there is no smartphone, you still can lock and unlock the door by sending SMS. Smart Lockitronis perfect solution for today’s safety for your home so that if you are forget to lock the door, you can only use your smartphone or SMS to lock the door and safe your home when you are out. This device can send any information into your smartphone. Some of the devices can send notifications to the smartphone. There is also connection to the doorbell system and later will send any videos or sound to your smartphone as well. The other attractive thing from this locker is that you can also integrate or receive any notification from the locker to your smartwatch. It is perfectly simple and smart way to protect your way.

This smart door locker has various models and sold with various prices depending on the models. You can get this locker for your home and you can easily keep and lock the door in simple and easy way. Whether you want to use the locker that integrated to the smartphone, smartwatch, Bluetooth or SMS, you will get easiness in protecting your home. Actually, this Lockitron has been produced in late 2012.

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Then, this smart locker is developing until today with some updates and some new models for better protection to your home. This device has been used by many customers and giving extra protection to the home. You can lock and unlock the door easily and safely from distance through smartphone in an apps and website. The models are various and can be chosen depend on the need if your home. Get Smart Lockitronfor home extra security.

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